Experienced with AutoCAD, all types of drafting and helping teach others for over 14 years.

Independently created floor plan for veteran’s ADA bathroom remodel.

Was selected to use AutoCAD and ME10 and quickly work on shop drawings, reestablishing faith in PSE from a long time client.

Self-taught Revit for team project in school, then classmates had me teach them.

Speed and knowledge of the layout of Macy’s helped to be promoted to recovery supervisor within year.

Designed activity at Sylvan with disassembled and cut cardboard box, so it could be made into tiny cars, so much fun even the adults made some.

Quickly learning, as Teacher’s Aid, the tasks that the Center Manager at Sylvan had, was able to assist so an additional Education Manager wasn’t needed.

Organization revamped the layout of The Copper Paisley, so it is easy to find supplies and projects get done quicker.

Flexibility led me to work in all departments at Macy’s then was offered the position being the person the managers called when help was needed.

Persuasively and cheerfully convincing customers into signing up for the Thanks for Sharing program at Macy’s.  Being the top seller the first day with 11 accounts, making it hard for others to keep up and beat me.

Friendly and willing helpful, worked with a client to get the best deal on rugs, even selling more. She is now a Macy’s regular, who always wants me.

Programs Studied

Adobe InDesign (2009 – Present)
Autodesk Revit (2008 – Present)
Microsoft Excel (2008 - Present)
Google Sketchup (2006 – Present)
Microsoft Publisher (2002 - Present)
Autodesk AutoCAD (2001 – Present)
Adobe Photoshop (2001 – Present)
Microsoft PowerPoint (2001 - Present)
Microsoft Word (2000 - Present)
Rhinoceros (Spring 2009)
Graphisoft ArchiCAD (Spring 2007)
ME10 (Spring 2006)
Autodesk Inventor (Spring 2003)


Masters of Architecture, University of Utah, 2011
BS of Architectural Studies, University of Utah, 2008
AS in Architecture, Salt Lake Community College, 2005
Graduate, Copper Hills High School, 2003

Work Experience

VFC Lightning Protection
North Salt Lake, Utah
July 2014 – Present
  • Lightning Protection Estimator 
  • Designing Franklin Lightning Protection Systems
  • Designing  Catenary Lightning Protection Systems
  • Designing Early Streamer Emission Lightning Protection Systems
  • Lightning Protection Drafter
  • Working with a team
  • Drafted Construction Drawings
  • Put together Bill of Materials
  • Organized Submittals
  • Assembled RFIs
Murray, Utah
May 2014 – September 2014
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Working with Managers
  • Returns
  • Bill Pay
  • Phone Operator
  • Gift Wrapper

The Copper Paisley (Metal Adornments)
South Jordan, Utah
November 2011 – October 2014
  • Professional Assistant
  • Assisted Owner
  • Online Sales
  • Website Upkeep
  • Jewelry Production
  • Packing Orders
  • Holiday Shipping
  • Bookkeeping

Macy's Department Store
Murray, Utah
November 2011 - December 2013
  • Fine Jewelry Associate
  • Meals and Break Associate
  • Recovery Supervisor
  • Flex Sales Associate
  • Opened and Closed
  • Kept customers mood up
  • Recovery Organization Design
  • Worked in Shoes, Women's Clothes, Intimates, Children's, Men's Clothes, Fragrances, Fashion and Fine Jewelry, and Home

Upcycled Jewelry
West Jordan, Utah
August 2009 – July 2013
  • Owner / Designer
  • Jewelry Design & Production
  • Website Design & Upkeep
  • Marketing

Sylvan Learning Center
Taylorsville, Utah
May – August 2007 & February 2008 – March 2010
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Teachers Aid
  • Administration Work
  • Secretarial Work
  • Worked with Clients
  • Designed Activities for Children

Precision Systems Engineering
Sandy, Utah
December 2005 – August 2006
  • Drafter / Designer
  • Mechanical Drafting & Design
  • Electrical Drafting
  • Architectural Drafting Assistance

Holiday Wrap
Valley Fair Mall, Cottonwood Mall & ZCMI Center Mall, Utah
December 2003, December 2004 & December 2005
  • Wrapped presents
  • Opened & Closed
  • Assisted manager