28 March 2012

Metal Adornments Studio

Stamp Sets and Wire Shelf

March 2012 (Built)

The redesign of the small studio of Metal Adornments.

18 May 2011

Festive Straw Lamp


At ten inches high this eight inch diameter cylindrical beauty packs quite the punch.

19 April 2011

Neon Museum

Hand Built Model Photo

Spring 2011

The Neon Museum is concerned about the preservation of the signs and other historical aspects of Las Vegas.

01 May 2010

ADA Bathroom Remodel

AutoCAD drawing of the new design

Spring 2010 (Built)

A gentleman with MS needed an updated bathroom.

26 April 2010

United States Embassy

Spring 2010

For the US Embassy Consulate in Quetta, Pakistan a large tower was designed.

20 April 2010

Fruit Stand

Sketchup Rendering

Spring 2010

A fruit stand for highway 89. It needed to be compact, yet open to all sides, and attract guests from highway travel.

02 April 2010

Fire Supply Company

Revit Rendering

Spring 2010

Fire Supply and Safety Company Sales Center in Utah.

05 March 2010

Macy's Store Display

Sharpie Hand Drawing

Spring 2010

The Macy’s store display was to allow shoppers in the mall of the upcoming opening of the store.

14 December 2009

Library for the Blind

Wood Model Photo

Fall 2009

The concept of the Branch Library for the blind is about the paths of people, where and how they cross.

07 October 2009

Dance Studio

Revit Rendering

Fall 2009

A dance studio for the practise and performance of local talent as well as traveling shows going through the Capitol Theater.

06 May 2009

Tanner Dance and Art Education Building

Revit Rendering

Spring 2009

The Tanner Dance, Arts and Education building is to be placed on the University of Utah Campus.

27 April 2009

SA:GE House

Spring 2009

The house is constructed on a re-use urban site and includes recycled and sustainable building materials.

Tromb walls has used glass bottles, filled with water, sealed, and stacked inside of double-pane glazing.

09 April 2009

University of Utah Behavioral Sciences Building Reskin

Revit Elevation
Spring 2009

The Behavioral Sciences building on the University of Utah campus is an iconic building.

15 December 2008

Broadway Theater

Revit & Photoshop Rendering

Fall 2008

A Broadway style theater set in the heart of downtown on Main Street.

28 April 2008

Creamatorium and Columbarium

AutoCAD & Photoshop Rendering

Spring 2008

Mt. Olivet Chapels, collumbarium and creamatorium is nestled between two rows of existing trees, close to the existing roadway.

21 April 2008

Light Fixture

Lamp Photo

Spring 2008 (Built)

Mt. Olivet Chapels light fixture.

12 December 2007

Entrada Art and Education Building

Model Photo

Fall 2007

The Entrada Ranch Educational Center designed for southern Utah.

05 October 2007

25 April 2007

06 December 2006

In the City Photography Gallery

Model Photo

Fall 2006

The Room in the City Art Gallery in downtown Salt Lake City.