19 April 2011

Neon Museum

Hand Built Model Photo

Spring 2011

The Neon Museum is concerned about the preservation of the signs and other historical aspects of Las Vegas.

The sign is a very simple yet powerful tool. It is made up of a couple of simple features when put together have a maximum impact.

There are two different gallery spaces, the first being an outdoor gallery, and the second an indoor gallery which would be in daylight and then dark at night when the refurbished signs would light up. At night the signs would come on and the building would disappear allowing it to be all about the sign.

When you enter the inside it is almost like you are going backstage. In the gallery is a large ramp that you can get on which winds through the signs allowing you to view them from all angles and heights. There are different moments of light where the signs can be viewed in the daylight. Or, certian moments of dark when the sign can be on.

Because of the simplicity of the sign, the building material do not distract from the signs on display. On the West elevation, a gabion system was designed with smaller signs and parts of signs enclosed within the cages. The South and East facades hold solar panels which act as the functional aspect providing the power for the signs when they are on.

Instructor: Anne Mooney

AutoCAD & InDesign Site Map

Revit, AutoCAD & InDesign Elevation

Revit, AutoCAD, Photshop & InDesign Building Section

Revit, Photoshop & InDesign Rendering

Revit, Photoshop & InDesign Rendering

Hand Built Model Photo

Hand Built Model Photo