18 May 2011

Festive Straw Lamp


At ten inches high this eight inch diameter cylindrical beauty packs quite the punch.

Two inch long large drinking straws are attached to the wire framework. The energy efficient bulb lives in the middle of the four inch diameter cylindrical frame.

When turned off the fixture creates an interesting conversation piece as well a colorful addition to any room. When it is turned on the light flows out of the straws, heading for in all directions and landing in interesting positions on nearby surfaces.

The idea flowed from how much trash is thrown away daily. Straws are typically used once, and then tossed, although with just a little bit of soap and water can be cleaned and reused. By creating something new out of an item most find has already lived life it not only cuts down on waste going to the garbage but the waste of creating something new.

Built Lamp Off

Built Lamp On

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