14 December 2009

Library for the Blind

Wood Model Photo

Fall 2009

The concept of the Branch Library for the blind is about the paths of people, where and how they cross.

There are a couple of groups that cross the site, and the main path inside the library follow the existing paths: the blind would come from the one direction, while the students come from another.

The three forms, each off the sides of the path represent the different groups of people using the library; librarians, the public, blind, teens, children, and adults.  The path then connects and encourages the groups to interact.  The path is the brightest part of the building.  It is louder with a rhythmic tile floor compared to the quiet carpeted areas of the stacks.  The glass box above the path creates an echo chamber for the noises to come down from, in contrast to the quiet solid stone mass of the stacks.  Within the mass there are slits around the gathering areas allowing light in with reflection pools outside so the blind can hear the leaves rustling in the wind.

Instructor: Derek Wilson

Revit & AutoCAD Floor Plan

Revit & InDesign Rendering

Revit & InDesign Rendering

Revit & InDesign Rendering