27 April 2009

SA:GE House

Spring 2009

The house is constructed on a re-use urban site and includes recycled and sustainable building materials.

Tromb walls has used glass bottles, filled with water, sealed, and stacked inside of double-pane glazing.

The green-screen provides shade, natural evaporative cooling, and urban gardening. Awnings shield from the summer sun, while allowing passive solar heat gain in the winter.

Calera Concrete, alternative of Portland Cement absorbs CO2 in production and lifecycle, is used for interior thermal mass floors and walls.

Graywater and rainwater collect for drip irrigation of the native xeric planting. Permable paving and raingarden for site runoff treatment.

Ground cooled ducts combined with solar chimney to passively cool in the summer months. Operable windows for night cooling. Solar thermal radiant heating is installed in flooring.

Group Memembers: Shalae Larsen, Stephannie Nagy (I jointly designed)

Instructor: Jorge Rugemer